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A free interactive programme giving your students the skills to manage their money so they can thrive in today’s society and be prepared for independent living. Find out more about the MoneySense for Schools programme.

Registering into the site gives you access to our free resources where you will be able to choose from a number of activities to suit your teaching needs, as well as set up your own Student tracking system to follow your students’ progress. MoneySense for schools was designed with your needs in mind and your information will solely be used in connection with the programme.

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Make sure MoneySense makes sense to your students. Find out how to get the most out of this interactive free personal finance resource.

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About MoneySense for Schools

About MoneySense

This programme helps you teach your students how to manage their money and be prepared for independent living.

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News & programme updates

Engage with functional maths Engage with functional maths

Challenge your students to stay in control of real-life money challenges with this popular interactive activity.

Build a business plan Build a business plan

Behind all great ideas lies a great plan! Our business planner helps to show what’s really involved in starting up a business from scratch.

Borrowing money Borrowing money

Help students to understand the implications of borrowing money and learn about Annual Percentage Rate.